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I'm Lindsey and I'm a Special Needs Adult.   I like staying in touch with my friends so I send out a little note every now and then.  

I also like my friends that live with me at Hope Village.  Friends of Lindsey is a great way for some of my friends to help my friends at Hope Village.
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Oct 18

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This was a night out with my dad.  
I spend weekends with him and my family. 
I'm happy because I get to have my independence; AND, 
 I still get to see my family and friends 3 to 4 days a week. 

We are having our Fall Fun Fest This Weekend.  

It's been a year since I've been sending you my newsletter.  Thank You. 

I am Lindsey.  I am a special needs adult. I live at Hope Village. Hope Village is privately funded. There are many group homes at Hope Village.  Hope Village also has a day program.  Learn more about Hope Village.

Some of my friends/housemates work in the Village Café.  Some of my friends/ housemates do ceramics that we sell in the gift shop.   My grandma volunteers at the Resale Shop.  They have fundraisers to help with the expenses of running and maintaining our Village. 

I thought I could do a little fundraiser once a year by asking my Friends to help fund some of the costs of maintaining my home and the facilities.  I only ask for help once a year.  This is the month I ask. 

If you use one of the buttons below,
my dad will match it. 

I love Hope Village and I love my dad!






  > > >
 helped pay for Countertops in my Group Home.
 Again, thank you for supporting me and my friends and housemates at Hope  Village.
My dad is known as the "Shake Man" by my housemates. 
 Once a month,  he buys a round of milkshakes for everyone at Hope Village.


 A friend from Church delivers the shakes to us. 
It's always nice to get a visit from a friend.  
Can't you tell that we have fun?

I only send this newsletter once a quarter and only ask for a minimal donation $10 in October.  If you think some of your friends might be willing to help out Hope Village Residents, please forward this newsletter to them.  Or, ask them to go to http://www.claridatacommunity.com/FriendsofLindsey.aspx and sign up for my newsletter. 

If you would prefer to send a check, please make it out to Nathan Raska and mail it to:
523 Kingsbury, Friendswood, Texas 77546





You made me smile!


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